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    Version 5.0.0

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    Updated 26th January 2024

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Want the perfect app to take with you on your holidays? Need an app to help with packing and storing your holiday photos? Then this is the perfect travel app you have been looking for.

This app has been designed to work perfectly, whether you are going on holiday, a business trip or are just doing some general travelling. When first using the app, you can add people, with each person having a list of items to pack when going on a trip. Then, when you add a trip, you can set who will be on the trip and all the items you need to pack will appear. Once your trip is over you can then add all your favourite photos to enjoy whenever you want to relive the happy memories.

Are you ready to make travelling a breeze?


  • Use right in your browser, no installation or account required.
  • Trips view that shows all of your trips, ordered by the most recent first.
  • People view that lists all the people that could ever go on a trip.
  • Can add packing items to people to track what to pack when going on a trip.
  • Packing lists can have sections, great for splitting up large lists.
  • Set how many days an item lasts so you can pack the right number. There is even an extra field, so you can pack 1 pair of socks a day but then also hint you to pack a spare.
  • You can set climates and tags for items so not all items appear on all trips by default. No point in packing suncream when going to a cold climate, right?
  • Ability to select a template when adding a person to get common packing items pre-populated. Add a shared person for things that do not belong to any one person.
  • People can also have actions set on them, such as 'print tickets' or 'wash car'. Actions can have reminders set X days before a trip starts.
  • Get daily emails with any actions that are due (can be turned off).
  • When adding a trip you can set the name, start and end dates as well as the climates and tags. A trip must have at least one person on it.
  • Easily check off packing items on trips. You can also mark items as not needed which is helpful to know when you are actually on holiday. You can also check off actions in the same way.
  • Ability to manually increase quantities of items to pack.
  • Want to add a packing item that was not added to the trip by default? You can always add any items from the template person once a trip is created.
  • When packing for a trip is complete save any changes back to template people for next time. The same applies to actions.
  • Ability to add attachments to trips. Great for storing your tickets but also an ideal location for your holiday snaps once your trip is complete.
  • Login with your free Barking Universe account to enable syncing data between devices, so you can carry on using the app no matter where you are.
  • Optimised to work effortlessly on mobiles, tablets and desktop devices.
  • Works in all modern web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge & Safari) on PC, Mac, Linux, Android & iOS.
  • Option to install the app to use offline anytime (Chrome & Edge only).
  • Purchase a subscription to unlock the full potential of this app.


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