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Music from Barking is here! The only app you need to store and play your whole music collection across all your devices. Once you have imported your existing music library you can easily create your playlists and then you are done. The app manages which songs are downloaded on each of your devices, so you will not run out of space on your phone/tablet. Below is the complete list of what this great app has to offer, or click above to download the free trial now!


  • Easily import songs from your existing library. Select a folder and the app will search this folder and any number of sub folders for songs to import
  • As well as playlists you can easily see a list of artists, songs for each artist and details about each song. You can even see all of your songs in a single list
  • Customise your download and delete settings per device, so you control how many songs are on each device at any one time
  • If you start to play a playlist any missing songs will be downloaded in the background for you
  • Dedicated music player at the bottom of the screen with space saving mode and expanded mode, you can also set repeat and shuffle here
  • Search for a song by name or artist when adding to playlists
  • Different sorting options for playlists, artists and songs
  • Beautiful simple design and intuitive controls, fits to any screen size
  • Trial version enables all features but limits you to 10 songs
  • Advert free, even in the trial version
  • As with all our apps, if used with a free Barking account your data will be synced to the cloud and all your other devices running the app
  • Also available on Windows, Mac and iOS


Also available on Windows, Android and iOS






10th Jan 2018


Mac OSX 10.1 or newer
2.33Ghz or faster processor
512MB RAM (1GB recommended)
Sound card (optional)
1Mbps or faster internet connection


Free to try, contains in app purchases
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