Time Escape

You are trapped in an old house and need to escape!
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    Version 1.24.0

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    Updated 11th January 2009

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In Time Escape you wake up in a room in an old house. You need to work out what is going on and most importantly how to escape.

The house has many rooms. Each room has 4 sides to explore. Use your mouse to interact with things to help you towards your ultimate goal. Look for notes along the way, they will help explain how you ended up in this mess. Some items can be picked up and stored for use later in another room.

Can you work out how to escape the old house?


  • 10+ rooms to explore with each room having 4 different parts.
  • Many items can be interacted with, some can be picked up and used later. Some can even be combined
  • Pick up notes to find out why you are trapped.
  • Collect all 14 gems to master the game!
  • Many different puzzles to solve.
  • Just needs your mouse to play.
  • Rooms are beautifully detailed with realistic sounds.


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