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Important information

Flash games is an archive of free to play games created by Barking Universe between 2008 and 2014. As of 2020 Flash is no longer supported in web browsers. Therefore to play these games you will need to first choose a game, then follow the instructions in order to play the game in the Flash Player Projector, which you must download as well as downloading the game you want to play.


Image for Ball Deflector Puzzle

Fire balls to work out where mirrors go on a board

Image for Crack the Safe

Can you crack the safes, find the gems and escape?

Image for Fruity Snake

Collect fruit, avoid walls and get the highest score possible

Image for Jungle Blocks

Light the fires and collect stars over 45 levels

Image for Puzzle Quest

Fit the shapes into the grid over 48 levels

Image for Solitaire

Play over 150 different solitaire games

Image for The Lost Rooms

Stuck in the basement, can you find a way to escape?

Image for Time Escape

You are trapped in an old house and need to escape!

More Flash games

Many Flash games were made by a variety of developers in the early 20th century. A collection of over 70,000 Flash games can be found in the Flashpoint collection.