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So you have a collection but need a way to catalogue what you have got? Then Collections is the answer. Collections allows you to store your whole collection (or multiple collections if you have more than one) in one place so you can easily see what you have got. Each item can have multiple customisable data fields assigned to it so that you can search for items by colour, condition, price paid etc (and even save these searches). Below is the complete list of what this great app has to offer, or click above to download the free trial now!


  • Home view showing pictures of your whole collection
  • Item preview mode which shows all your pictures for an item at full size
  • Each item has names and pictures, the rest of the fields are fully customisable and can include things like colour, material, tags, condition, place made, producer, year made, place bought, date bought, price paid etc
  • Take pictures with your device camera or import them from your device
  • Quick search for items by name
  • Advanced search for items by any field
  • Ability to save advanced searches so that you can easily run the same searches again
  • Ability to change grouping and sorting options for items
  • View multiple items at once by opening them in different windows (desktop only)
  • Ability to have more than one collection, each with their own set of fields, easy to switch between collections
  • Beautiful simple design and intuitive controls, fits to any screen size
  • Trial version enables all features but limits you to 1 collection and 5 items
  • Advert free, even in the trial version
  • As with all our apps, if used with a free Barking account your data will be synced to the cloud and all your other devices running the app
  • Also available on Windows, Mac and iOS


Also available on Windows, Android and iOS






30th Nov 2017


Mac OSX 10.1 or newer
2.33Ghz or faster processor
512MB RAM (1GB recommended)
Camera (required for taking pictures, optional)
1Mbps or faster internet connection


Free to try, contains in app purchases
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