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Ever look for a well designed, easy to use timer app and failed to find anything? Then this app is for you! Here is what this great app has to offer


  • Run 1 or more timers at once (as many as you like actually). Timers fit to fill the screen so you can easily see the timers you have running
  • Each timer has an easy to read clock, name and background
  • Timers vibrate, play a sound and flash red when finished, then stay red until you stop them
  • Timer background, vibration, sound and sound play time can be customised per timer
  • You can add multiple times to a timer (so you don't forget to turn over your sausages)
  • You can set default settings for new timers
  • Store timers you use often in the library to leave the home screen free for the timers you are currently using
  • Search for timers by name in the library (you also have grouping and sorting options)
  • Take your own pictures and record your own sounds
  • You can add more time to running or finished timers (if your cake needs a bit longer in the oven)
  • You can add useful notes to each timer
  • Timers play a sound when tapped (which you can customise)
  • Ability to start, pause and resume all timers at once
  • Great for cooking or exercising (plus many more possibilities)
  • App runs in the background so you can carry on your other tasks while timers are running
  • Beautiful simple design and intuitive controls, fits to any screen size
  • Trial version enables all features but limits you to 2 timers both on the home and library screens
  • As with all our apps, if used with a free Barking account your data will be synced to the cloud and all your other devices running the app


Also available on Windows, Android and iOS






6th Feb 2017


Mac OSX 10.1 or newer
2.33Ghz or faster processor
512MB RAM (1GB recommended)
Sound card (optional)
Camera (required for taking pictures, optional)
Microphone (required for recording sounds, optional)
1Mbps or faster internet connection


Free to try, contains in app purchases
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