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So, you are going on holiday and are searching frantically for that paper list which you are sure you put in the suitcase last time you went on holiday. Or you are out shopping and realise that once again you have left your list at home. If either of these sound like you then what you need is Lists from Barking. This app will making packing for a holiday or going out shopping much easier. Now you can create a template for each activity, writing down items just the once and then you can use that template for each holiday or shopping trip, ticking off items when you have packed an item or put an item in the trolley. Once all items are checked off you then know that you are done. No more searching for your list at the bottom of the suitcase! Below is the complete list of what this great app has to offer, or click above to download the free trial now!


  • Create lists from scratch or from templates
  • Lists are divided into collapsable sections. Each section tells you how many items are left to check off
  • Lists have 2 modes. In checklist mode you can check off items. In edit mode you can add, edit and delete sections and items
  • Create templates to store common lists. There are 3 different template types. Holidays, shopping lists and custom. You can have any number of templates of any type
  • Holidays and shopping lists allow you to set a date range for the period that they cover. Items can then optionally have a number of days assigned to them, then it will calculate how many of that item you need to take/buy. So you can easily calculate how many pairs of socks you need to take on holiday
  • Templates have tags (which can be customised). Items can be assigned to tags, then when creating a list from a template you can select the tags you want and only the relevant items will show. So if you are going on holiday in the summer it will not tell you to pack your winter coat!
  • Ability to undo changes to the current list or template you are editing
  • You can choose whether to show checked items mixed in a section, at the bottom of a section or not at all
  • Different sorting options for lists, sections and items
  • View multiple lists at once by opening them in different windows (desktop only)
  • Great for holidays, shopping or any other activity for checking off items in a list
  • Beautiful simple design and intuitive controls, fits to any screen size
  • Trial version enables all features but limits you to 1 template and 2 lists
  • Advert free, even in the trial version
  • As with all our apps, if used with a free Barking account your data will be synced to the cloud and all your other devices running the app


Also available on Windows, Android and iOS






1st Aug 2017


Mac OSX 10.1 or newer
2.33Ghz or faster processor
512MB RAM (1GB recommended)
1Mbps or faster internet connection


Free to try, contains in app purchases
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